New Crypt Keeper for Tales from the Crypt Return

New Tales from the Crypt Airing Next Year

Kevin Reilly, TNT and TBS president, revealed a little more info on the new Tales from the Crypt series to air on TNT. We have been hearing for months that TNT and M. Night Shyamalan are rebooting the series. Furthermore, we have learned that the Crypt Keeper will resemble the old EC comic version. Well, there is too many legality issues to get around to get the HBO Crypt Keeper to host the show. And that still stands. We have even caught wind of some fan fiction making the horror show block. They are still considering using some Wattpad material for original storylines, but there is again still some legalities to work out. The big news for the new Tales from the Crypt series is when the hell they are going to start airing them. Reilly stated the following indicating is will be a whole nother year before we finally see the damn show.

“Tales will be on towards the end of ’17, in the fourth quarter ’17,” Reilly said.

There you have it. Tales from the Crypt will be starting about next fall. It will be part of a bigger block of horror themed shows. Some of which is planned to be straight serialized fan fiction. It looks as though the Wattpad sourced stories will be a different show aired in the same block of programming. While the Tales from the Crypt will be like the original comic. They will be stand alone short stories. The news is always evolving with the revival of this classic show. So, we may just see these ideas changing or mutating just a bit before it airs next year. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.

What TNT President has Planned

“I think it may even be longer than an hour,” Reilly said. “There’s going to be a half-hour anthology and then a one-hour original show with some shorts in between. So it’s part of a whole block. The original half-hour, sort of slightly comedic, kind of twisted [story] that Night himself is going to direct will be a part of it every week. Then we’re going to have rotating original one-hours. Then we’ve got shorts that’ll be part of it too.

Some of those shorts are going to be crowdsourced ultimately,” Reilly said. “I don’t even think we’ve announced this yet but we are working with Wattpad and ultimately I’d like some material to come from [from viewers]. We have some Guild issues we need to work out on this, but I’d like fan fiction to essentially make its way to our air.”


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