First up Black Mask Armada!

Black Mask ArmadaHello and welcome to the first installment of Local Love with me Miss Lotus. I won’t lie. A good friend is who inspired the start of these write ups, but I think it will be a great way to get some kick ass locals acts some love! Our first nominee comes to us from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The group is called Black MASK Armada who actually played a few shows on the Casket Factory Tour this past winter.  The group formed in 2012 with  original members Doobious aka Double “aught” and Gorilla Pimp to start this powerhouse known as BMA. The group has since expanded adding Blacc Demon aka Big Dirrty, DJ Dagg Nabbit and Fatty or otherwise known as Fat Jesus. I had previously heard of the group through friends, but never really took a listen to their music.

So what else would I do when checking out a new band? I hit up YouTube and Facebook, of course. When looking at their following they have some very loyal fans that they call the ARMY of DARKNESS. Plus, they have their own street team. The group that, honestly if you looked at them I wouldn’t pin some of them for rappers, have solid beats and lyrics to their music. They describe their Genre as punch you in the face music and I can’t say they’re wrong. They have a rough rock sound that just gets you going and makes you want to hear more.

As for their stage presents, they have really high energy and you can tell they really are behind their craft. From videos I’ve seen online of their live performances they get the crowd going! So, where do you hear more music from this group? Well, they actually have their music on Itunes, Spotify and, of course, you can always hit up their YouTube page! The video below is the song from them I’m really into right now, like on repeat into! If you want to see these guys live they will be on a few dates for Scum and Insane Poetry’s  The Unsubs Tour! Hit up their social media to find out what dates they are on! So peep the links below and tell us what you guys think of Black Mask Armada!

Youtube                      Facebook                         Website

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