logic and tech n9ne backstage

Logic and Tech N9ne Chopper it up Backstage

Logic and Tech N9ne had a little chopping session backstage in Kansas City, MO recently. The two chopper style rappers not only spit some quick lyrics at each other, they also talk it up on how they perform in the studio and on stage. It’s just two professionals laughing and identifying with each other. Some other hip hop news outlets claim this is freestyle, but it’s clearly lyrics from their previously released tracks. This video is actually a snippet from Just Another Day episode 35. The series is produced by Visionary Music Group and is directed and shot by Justin Fleischer. You can watch the whole episode on the independent label’s Youtube channel along with other episodes.

They really seem super hype to find a commonality in recording, style, and stage performance. It was a great moment for the two successful rappers. I am sure you’ll get a kick out of hearing them spit quick at each other and loving every second of it. If only we could have been there ourselves. Well, this little video is about the same thing. Enjoy, Ninjas!

Logic and Tech N9ne Backstage

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