Are you lost, or are you found?

Maybe a little of both, lost and found?

 It doesn’t really make a difference to true family.  The ring leaders have called us both to the tent, and have spoken to us all – we are not alone, where ever we are in our life.  There’s room for both the lost and found.  In the chronicles told throughout the lost, Jay and Shaggy have, once again let us know that there are other people out there suffering the same turmoil as ourselves.  In those of the found, they celebrate with us the beauty of finding our connection.  Whether you’re in agreement or not – our beloved ICP have once again (maybe unaware) given us another amazing example of how we are family.  They reached out to us in our darkness, they have celebrated with us in our light.

Because we are family, we love the lost.  We hope and try to help them find their missing link.  Because we are family, even the lost celebrate joy and peace with those who have found their link.  Housed under one card – wherever we find ourselves, reconnected, disconnected or connecting for the first time – we stand together.  Violent J talks about how the music is focusing on hope for all to find their link.  If we step beyond that for a moment – it gives opportunity for us to strengthen our united front against isolation and darkness.  If you’re found, your testimony is a light to those in the darkness.  If you’re lost, know that there is a way, know that you are building a strong testimony.

Lo’s and lettes – we are part of something bigger than we may even realize sometimes.  When your blood line has stripped you of your pride, your dignity – run away to the carnival.  You don’t need to disown your mom and pops.  You don’t even need to leave your couch, and for fucks sake –Hey man put it down. It’s all right.  You’ve got a family that doesn’t care where you’re at – you’ve got a family waiting that loves you.  You’ve got a family waiting to celebrate your triumphs, morn your losses and encourage you to get up and try again.  You’ve got family that is lost and found.

When you’re feeling lost, you have brothers and sisters to relate to, you have brothers and sisters eagerly waiting to lift you up.  When you’re living found – you have family you are responsible to share your light with.  That light is super simple – it doesn’t have to wear the same face, it’s not religious.  That light bears no prejudice.  That light is love and peace and harmony.  Our religions, our faiths and our beliefs are only avenues we choose to find that light.

So the next time you’re lost ass walks past that hippy Juggalo, don’t talk shit, don’t talk about how they ain’t hard, even a hippy can swing an axe at those who generate pure evil into the world.  The next time you think you’re so found when pass the ass hole who throws rocks at the stage and condemn them and talk about how they just don’t get it.  HELP them get it.  Be the example, yo.  Last time I checked, lost and found – we both are in a place of life.  We are both part of the unstoppable force of the Juggalo Family.  It doesn’t matter what place that is – it’s just another place.  That makes us pretty equal, whether you’re asking me or not.

So as we venture into our week, go forth and know that when the rest of the world doesn’t get it – your family does.  Know that both lost and found, Juggalos, you’re petals of a lotus.  Without any single one of you, you’re just a withered flower.  I’m happy to call you fam, cause there isn’t just a place for each of your faces at the freak show, there’s a need that only you can fulfill.