Lou Dog of KMK Discusses DJ Bobby B’s Departure in an exclusive interview with Faygoluvers

Lou Dog

Image Courtesy From Instagram.com

Lou Dog of Kottonmouth Kings sit down with Faygoluvers and discuss DJ Bobby B’s Departure. In case you missed all the drama that went down this week, check out the Instagram post that he posted and you make the judgment call. Don’t forget to check out the interview that Faygoluvers had with Lou Dog on the departure of DJ Bobby B. Let us know in the comments what you think about this and how this departure affects you and your love of Kottonmouth Kings.

Q. What is your role with Kottonmouth Kings?
A. I’ve been the live drummer from the very beginning for almost 19 years. I got to play on the first record in ’97 and I’ve been enjoying my ROLE ever since. Bobby B and I have similar and equal roles. We don’t rap, sing, or write any of the music and our roles in-studio is minimal. If this was a movie, we’d be the supporting actors. I love my role; I feel grateful, lucky, and more than happy to play my role. I have zero to complain about. I’m very happy!

Q. How is your relationship with the members?
A. Brotherly! I love all the members of the group and the crew. I’ve known Brad X for 30 years since elementary school. He is a faithful and honest family man and the most generous, caring and best friend ever. I look up to him as a leader and an artist. It’s not fair what people are saying on social media. It’s way out of line and far from the truth. If you have anything negative to say about him, you either don’t know him or you’re bitter and trying to sabotage progress. I really enjoy being on the road and on stage with the Kings. If I had any problems, I would have quit years ago. I have zero complaints and I look forward to working with these guys 19 more years.

Q. Have you ever had any issues in regard to compensation or pay?
A. Never! Brad has been very fair with me and more than generous. I wouldplay for free just to be a part of the band and tour the world and hang out with the greatest fans & friends on the planet. I have never heard anyone complain about not getting paid fairly except those people who are no longer involved with the band. It’s interesting that their list of complaints conveniently surface after they quit.

Q. Will Bobby’s departure have any affect on the release of Krown Power?
A. Little to none at all. First off, he didn’t work on the record or write anything. People have this misconception that because he is the DJ, he produces or writes the music. We are almost equal when it comes to contribution in the studio these days. I have absolute trust and faith in the band’s production team. I admire D-Loc, D-Ball, and Brad for the countless hours they spend in the studio writing, recording, and producing great music. Secondly, we have played two shows without him and if you ask the people that were there, they will tell you that they were entertained, had fun, and got more than their money’s worth. I was honestly confused that he disappeared prior to the Gathering of the Juggalos and chose not to go to the Gathering with us. The Gathering is the single greatest show of the year and we all live for it year after year.The music and the fans are equally important to us. To the fans who have faith in the band and myself, we promise to continue making great music and living up to the positive messages we passionately promote.

Q. Any final thoughts or feelings about Bobby’s departure?
A. I will miss Bobby. We were the rhythm section side by side for almost two decades. He’s been like a brother with a very strong personality, and of course we’ve had our disagreements and battles. However, I’ll always remember the good times and especially the time he helped me sort out some personal problems. He’s a hip-hop encyclopedia &connoisseur and I wish him the best in his new career direction. There is nothing wrong with change.

It’s too bad he quit the way he did and it’s sad how all of this is playing out. First Pak, then Richter, now Bobby. All three quit and then turned to social media to air out their feelings & frustrations as if they were out to destroy innocent people’s hard work, jobs, and dreams. If you are not happy, just quit quietly. You don’t need to sabotage a legacy and livelihood. The rest of us still care deeply and we have families to feed. I just hope the fans can be objective and hear both sides of the story before they take sides. I know both sides of the story, but I can only speak for myself. I love that I get to play drums for KMK and I’m totally happy. Unhappy individuals are not going to stop a movement and a force that is greater than the individuals themselves. The KMK train is moving forward. Next stop, the Observatory in Orange County on August 30th and beyond….

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