Kevin Gill Show

Luncha Libre Lengend Konnan on the Kevin Gill Show

On episode 91 of the PMA power hour the Kevin Gill Show, KG speaks with Konnan. The show is also now sponsored by #DDT which is Doping Dope Things. Speaking of which Konnan shares some dope things he has done and experienced. You will learn a lot about the wrestling by listening to this episode and hear many digressions. This episode is just like two friends sharing their stories and knowledge. A great show featuring:

Lucha Libre Legend, creative and business mastermind Konnan talks new projects, being a free agent, Dave Meltzer, MLWRadio, Vampiro on commentary, Rey Mysterio, military life, PMA, racism in WCW, NXT, Lucha Underground, compares Chris Jericho and Colt Cabana podcasts to the KG show, WrestleCon, booking process in AAA, New Day, Teddy Hart, ICP, Pentagon Junior, Marty DeRosa and reveals Colt’s Girlfriend? Plus KG has a message for Marty Jannetty

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