Mac Sabbath: A Fast Food Date Of A Unique Caliber

Mac Sabbath

Have you ever thought about fast food items coming to life, only to play some metal up on stage? Probably not, right? Well, either way, Los Angeles natives Mac Sabbath have been making that interesting combination come to life. For those of you who don’t know much about them, let me give you a little history. Formed in 2014, Mac Sabbath are a parody heavy metal tribute band. In case it isn’t already obvious, the band they tribute for is the legendary Black Sabbath. The members -creatively and appropriately named- Ronald Osbourne, Slayer MacCheeze, Grimalice, and Catburglar make up the flashy group. They have become popular for their song play, using fast food references to make up the majority of their tracks. Now that you have a little more knowledge, allow me to take you on a trip down memory lane; my memory lane. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Orlando, Florida date of Mac Sabbath’s current tour, so I would like to share my unique experience.

Prior to attending the show, I had only heard of Mac Sabbath in passing, never really taking the time to look up some videos on YouTube or listen to a few tracks. Of course when I found out they would be near me, I decided there was no better way to get to know a band than to see them live. This is how I’ve found quite a few of the artists I listen to, so why not Mac Sabbath? I had been preparing myself in the days ahead so that when I got to the venue, I might have a better understanding of what I was about to see. The costumes that the members use intrigued me, to say the least, so I was nervous but excited to see what the night would bring. Aside from a few Google searches, I was essentially going in blind.

I arrived to The Social bar early and happened to be the first in line, so I did more than my fair share of waiting. However, once inside, I immediately got down in front and realized that the wait was more than worth it. Soon, the opening band came on to do their set. Known as American Party Machine, the obviously proud Americans took to the stage with high energy. Throughout their set, I found myself really enjoying their boisterous presence. Although I did get a beach ball right to my camera lens -which left my eye a little sore- it was a great experience overall.

Then it was time for Mac Sabbath to grace the stage. At this point, there was hardly any room to move around as a result of the overwhelming amount of fans in the crowd. Despite this, I was more than ready to experience what the fans around me already knew to be incredible. The build-up to Mac Sabbath’s entrance left even me wanting the time to go by faster, just so we could all finally see what we came for. As soon as the red and yellow curtain resembling the McDonald’s colors dropped, the band was revealed and mass excitement erupted. Adorned in a straight jacket, singer Ronald Osbourne began to perform just before struggling to free himself of the grip. When this started happening, I found myself getting very hyped up for the rest of the set. Once escaped from restraint, Osbourne began his high-energy second song, of which the crowd really went wild.

As the set progressed, I couldn’t help but look around and soak in all of the positive energy surrounding this impressive band. Fans all around were singing right along with the lyrics, head-banging and throwing up devil horns or middle fingers. Somehow making it through the sea of people to the other end of the venue, I continued to watch the on-stage antics and actually got a little freaked out when the singer pretended to begin throwing a bucket of water at me. Turns out, it was just a bucket full of confetti. I found instantly that the crowd loved this! Honestly, so did I. I love bands that can be serious about their performance, but also have as much fun entertaining us as we have being entertained. Mac Sabbath definitely fits the bill on that.

As the show came to an end, I was actually saddened by having to leave already. All of the energy behind the show put on by both bands left me wanting more, which after all, is part of what being a good showman or show-woman is about. So with the night at a close and me on my way back to my hotel, I realized that Mac Sabbath have honestly made a fan out of me. The only complaint I have? I don’t know when they might come back around!

Check out my exclusive photo gallery from the show to see the awesome performances through my eyes.

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