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Machine Gun Kelly Shows Love to Paris

Machine Gun Kelly shows are an amazing experience. The performance at the La Machine du Moulin Rouge club in Paris was not just amazing but heartwarming. Just within a couple weeks of the terrorist attack in Paris, when other major artists postponed their Paris and European shows, Machine Gun Kelly decided the show must go on. Since the terrorist attacked a live show it was understandably a harrowing experience, though something he felt it was his job to do.

Kelly spoke with Billboard about the unique performance. He tells how the crowd broke out into their national anthem during the song “A Little More.” An empowering experience the City of Light really needed.

Man, there was this moment with the crowd after I was playing my song “A Little More” and we break the song down, I’m playing the guitar on it and we kind of play it like a stripped down, acoustic version. And while that was happening, they just started singing their national anthem. Like, the whole crowd, singing the loudest I’d heard them all night. It was so appropriate with the song selection and everything that song is about, and it was like as soon as it was over they busted out into this group rendition of their national anthem. And it was one of those moments when I put my glass in the air and we had a toast and a moment of silence.

In light of the recent events and the heightened sensitivity of the crowd Kelly did switch up the show from his original plan. Artist fight hard against censorship in order to gain complete artistic freedom. Conversely, censoring the song line up for this show was an act of compassion rather a bowing to industry standards. Kelly explains in the interview how they changed the set.

We took one of the songs out because it starts with gunshots; that’s actually one of the biggest songs in our set because me and my drummer do a drum solo together and it’s a really fun moment for the crowd. But because of the subject matter and the sounds of the song we had to take it out. And my mic stand is a bunch of skeletons leading up to a .50 caliber Desert Eagle gun that holds my microphone in the barrel, and we almost did the show without that. But we didn’t want to take away from the artistic side of our show, and that mic stand is a part of who I am. So it would almost be like if I went by MGK that night instead of Machine Gun Kelly. There were a couple things that I didn’t want to take away because we use those references in a much more poetic way than people take it. So I didn’t want to censor ourselves too much.

Parisians were very appreciative that Kelly was brave enough to be the first to play Paris since the tragic Eagles of Death Metal show. After all that these music fans went through, it would only be a relief to get back to normal. This energy made for an amazing concert experience for everyone. Kelly explains it the best himself.

that national anthem moment — I just can’t describe how much passion they were singing it with, you know what I mean? It drowned out all of the instruments we were playing, and they did it right on time. It was like they felt the song so much, and instead of the normal reply from an audience when they love something, which is to scream and clap, it was like they were all feeling the same way in the same moment. It was this moment of unity. And it was right after we were singing about, “If this ugly world had a little more love, what could the outcome be?” And it was almost like I was looking at it.


This act by a popular artist just shows the world: actions do speak louder than words. As Machine Gun Kelly puts it himself…

I’m just glad we went with our gut and showed up. I don’t think my words would have meant as much anymore if I didn’t go.

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