“MadBalls” Resurrection Now Available For Pre-Order!!!


Fans of all things 80’s toys, rejoice! Last month, it was revealed that popular gross-out toys MADBALLS would be making a glorious comeback! Art boutique Mondo is the sole proprietor of the soon-t0-be resurrected toys, giving them almost complete makeovers as well as adding new, never-before-seen designs. After all the waiting since last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, the new product dubbed MondoBalls are up for pre-order! Series one includes the re-imagined versions of old favorites; SlobulusSkull Face, and Horn HeadMadballsMadballsMadballs

These are currently marketed for $20 individually, or you can grab a set of three for $55. Sometime in the near future, MondoBalls will also be available in pop culture characters, including Jason Voorhees and Marvel’s Venom!

You can pre-order through Mondo boutique’s official website!

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