“Madballs” To Make A Comeback!!!


This one will take you back to the 80’s with one word! While there were plenty of awesome toys that came out within that time period, none other than MADBALLS really gave that gross-out, fun effect. This past summer at San Diego’s Comic-Con, art boutique Mondo announced that they would be bringing back the classic 80’s toy line! They have been newly dubbed “MondoBalls”, with three of the designs having already been released, including originals SlobulusSkull Face, and Horn Head. The creative director of MondoBrock Otterbacher, was quoted as saying,

This line is one of the most fun projects I’ve ever had a chance to work on. We’re super excited to launch these gross little guys.”

Along with old favorites, “MondoBalls” will depict characters from Gremlins and Friday The 13th franchises! For all you comic lovers, these toys have also been revealed to include the form of Marvel’s Venom. Are you excited for a whole new line of MADBALLS? Well, they will soon be available for pre-order over on Mondo’s website! Keep an eye out for updates.

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