Madchild Attacks

Madchild attacks

Today, Madchild attacks Snak The Ripper with his newest track for the Snak The Ripper vs. Madchild Beef War.

This war started when Madchild tweeted about Snak The Ripper on October 28th.  Snak The Ripper then put out a track less than 24 hours later dissing Madchild.  It took a total of five days for Madchild to respond with a diss track.  However, Madchild did call out Snak to a KOTD Battle in between those five days.  Snak says he will not join a KOTD battle because he does not want them to gain money.

After the five days, Madchild leaves Snak, “The Funeral.”  Not even another 24 hours later, Snak returns with another hot piece called “Child Abuse.”

Both Mad and Snak‘s tracks mentioned Moka Only in the rap.  Moka Only then responded on video about being the peacekeeper.  Moka Only mentions how he likes both rappers and will not pick between either of his friends.

For more depth to the Snak vs Mad Beef, click the hyperlink at the beginning of the article.


Now, two days after Moka Only’s response, Mad finally attacks Snak back with this rap, “Fatal Attraction.”  Check it out below.


Whose side are you on?