Madchild interview Changing for the Better and Triumph in Hip Hop

 Madchild Changing for the Better and Triumph in Hip Hop

Madchild talked with The Source about overcoming his $500,000 drug habit and his rise back to his feet. He also relates about his busy tour life and the hope he has for the hip hop game. This Madchild interview also reveals the name of his next album. Madchild saw success with Swollen Members, but he has found redemption in his solo career. He has even been allowed back in the US after being banned from the states for four years. Now he resides in his second home of L.A.

Madchild has been keeping busy staying on the road. He’s on a record breaking 145 show streak playing shows in Canada, US, Europe and Austraila. He does like to stay busy and loves to perform on stage.

That’s a lot of work. Where do you get this impeccable work ethic from?

It’s just what I want to do. I’m thankful man. It’s like where we live in a world where the internet has changed everything, it’s over-saturated, if I’m not super hungry and super busy then someone is going to try to take my spot. If you coming into the rap game now and you don’t love being on the road, you should go pick a different profession, you know what I mean? I travel with my dog, except for like when I go to like Australia, but she flies everywhere with me. Wherever I lay my hat is my home, staying in dope hotels. I love the lifestyle (laughs). I love being with my people, I love being on stage.

Madchild also related about the hope for hip hop now-a-days. Fans are interested in lyrics and real music again. He mentions Tech N9ne and Vinnie Paz though he says him emulating them would make him look “retarded.” It’s really about being original. That’s what the new young crowd is about and he’s really excited about it. Especially since he sees a lot of young fans at his shows. He also relates how he is loving a long career as opposted to a one hit wonder where they’re popular one second gone the next.

He also tells of his sprititual experence touring Europe. He got touched by seeing the graffitti of his face and name. It’s quite an honor to see yourself in talented graffiti art. Since kicking his huge drug addiction he has learned to apprieate life more and that really came out while working in Europe.

I appreciate the moment. I got caught up and I lost four million dollars to a drug issue. So now I’m really caught up into working real hard, thinking about where I’m going to be in five years, and it’s like they’re just enjoying the day and the moment. So it made me realize with everything going on, I’m going to get where I’m going but I need to enjoy the ride as well. That’s what real self-awareness is. I can appreciate every day is a gift.

It’s not easy overcoming a drug addiction no matter what the drug is. It is really inspiring to see someone come up from that and rebuild their life. Hard work can really be good for the soul.

Now that he has proudly built his life back up he’s on that grind like so many in the hip hop game. He is currently working on a new album with best friend and producer Evidence. He mentions some features from Domo Genesis, Alchemist, and Aston Matthews while hinting at some more he’s keeping secert for now. Then he goes on to reveal the new album will be called Darkest Hour.

Read the full Madchild interview on The Source.

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