Silver Tongue Devil’s Everytime




First off, I have heard only a few of Madchild’s pieces from previous albums, and I was not impressed, not because he’s not good, but because it’s not my favorite style.  I admit, he is not my favorite artist.  However, Everytime, has caught my attention.  Everytime is the sixth song on Madchild’s newest album, Silver Tongue Devil, the album said to be his utmost best with the many pre-orders he’s had and in general the work he’s put into it.

Madchild created Everytime with Ceekay Jones, a Los Angeles singer with a range from hyper-sonic rap to uplifting, soulful music.  In Everytime, Jones starts, his vocals used in lyrical form and then Madchild comes in rapping.  The beat draws in listeners and a story is formed with the rhythm.  This is currently my favorite song Madchild has made out of the ones I’ve listened to.



Madchild’s producers reached out to other producers before writing Everything with Ceekay Jones.  They honored him by doing research about his life to make the song more personal.

“If this got on the radio, I’d be proud of it.”

Madchild should be proud of this song.  The underneath emotions flowing out because of the personal life experiences Madchild has had are the undertones to this story.  His fans will love this piece.