Madchild Gathering Of The Juggalos Announcement

Madchild Gathering Of The Juggalos AnnouncementMadchild

Madchild, who is performing at this years Gathering Of The Juggalos has a special announcement for all of us who are going!

Silver Tongue Devil will be released on July 24th(next Friday) on the newly reformed Battle Axe Records. ¬†Silver Tongue Devil is Madchild’s 3rd solo release following his solo EP The Madchild EP, and albums Dope Sick, and Lawn Mower Man.
1. Untold Story [Prod. by C-Lance]
2. Night Time Kill [Prod. by Evidence]
3. Devils And Angels [Prod. by Evidence]
4. Lose My Mind (ft. JD Era) [Prod. by C-Lance]
5. SLUT [Prod. by C-Lance]
6. Everytime (ft. CeeKay Jones) [Prod. by The Makerz]
7. Mental (ft. Demrick) [Prod. by C-Lance]
8. Painful Skies [Prod. by C-Lance]
9. Jackel [Prod. by Aspect]
10. Triple Threat (ft. Slaine, Demrick) [Prod. by C-Lance]
11. Electricity [Prod. by Aspect]
12. 50 Seven [Prod. by Rob The Viking]
13. Don’t Stop (ft. Slaine) [Prod. by Rob The Viking]
14. Slayer (ft. Demrick) [Prod. by C-Lance]
15. Zero [Prod. by Aspect]



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