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Madchild Interview on the NEW Kevin Gill Show: Episode 80 #PMA

Episode 80 of The Keven Gill Show is now available on The Kevin Gill Show website, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Itunes. This episode of Positive Mental Attitude features a second interview with Madchild.  Kevin Gill chops it up about the Charity tour, Big Ballas X-mas Party, and Japan LIFE. Apparently, the wrestling scene is hopping over in Japan. Kevin had a lot of good things to say about his recent visit over there. One interesting encounter was with Romantic Gorilla who, based on custom, gave Kevin a dope gift. He also ran into “Sick” Nick Mondo who Kevin did an interview with for another episode of The Kevin Gill Show.

silver tongue devilA little over 40 minutes into the show the Madchild interview starts. It drops a lot of Silver Tongue Devil info which he is currently touring for. Madchild also relates about his rap battle with Daylyt and his soul searching journey putting together his next album with Element. Then, they end the Madchild interview with some gossip and PMA.

In the interview Madchild states Silver Tongue Devil is kind of a sister or brother album to Dope Sick. It’s number 3 in Canada and the album he is promoting on his current tour. What sticks out about this album is it’s colorful artwork painted by street artist L’Amour Supreme. Madchild, keeping the original canvas paining at his crib, loved the artists work enough to spend personal money on the beautifully psychedelic artwork.

Kevin and Madchild also chopped it up about the rap battle he was in against Daylyt. Madchild related how he lives a different life style than the battle rappers, “After that battle, I had my SUV running in the back, as I was walking to my truck I did 3 interviews. I jumped in my truck and drove through a storm and then jumped on stage to perform a show.” He also stated way he wanted to do the rap battle …

“It was just for fun…I wanted to do my part for the culture”

Kevin Gill mentioned Danny Diablo said Madchild was the “Master of Metaphor” blowing Madchild’s mind away. In response Madchild related much respect for the fellow artist.

“He’s strickly in this art for all the right reasons.”

Madchild had to plug Straight Up Vapours and his line of vaping liquids some named after his songs.  In full on PMA enthusiasm Madchild expressed, “I love the vape community” and discussed how his soul searching journey making this newest yet-to-be-released album lead him to quit smoking through the use of vaping. He declares that vaping is healthier than smoking, at least, if you’re using his brand as it only has 3 ingredients. He’s now outspoken of not just over coming drug addiction but smoking cigarettes as well. Also discussing how he plans to live a healthier lifestyle.

madchild interviewMadchild quote, Underground inspiration-

“I’ve been doing this 17 years now…Why? ‘cuz I make real music.”

Madchild’s most inspirational #PMA of the show-

“Everyone has demons, but keeping a positive mental attitude will save you.”

Madchild divulged that what keeps him positive and progressing is to stay busy. He figured he’s done 170 shows in a row and loves it. Admittedly, the constant hustle can take its total but staying busy is what he loves. Putting music first has made Madchild successful for over a decade now. Battle Axe Warriors are staying strong like the Juggalos as he proudly states in the interview. He is very proud of the progress he has made and it shows the underground is about thriving and maintaining its spot in Hip Hop.

The Madchild interview is great, but the whole episode is even greater. Check Kevin Gill’s description and links below the audio. If you enjoyed the show make sure to support it.

Madchild Returns to the Kevin Gill Show

Madchild returns to talk Silver Tongue Devil, PMA, BaxWar compilation, Battle Raps, new album with Evidence, Lamour Supreme, Daylight, Ceekay Jones, Straight Up Vapours, his insane touring schedule for 2016, Danny Diablo, and MUCH MORE!

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