Silver Tongue Devil

Part 5 of Madchild’s Silver Tongue Devil Chronicles is out.  In this edition Madchild gets kinda personal and talks drugs and alcohol on the road and how he knew how powerful Oxycotin is and what it was doing to him.


The Silver Tongue Devil Chronicles is a series of videos where Madchild talks about various stages in his career, the making of Silver Tongue Chronicles, or just life in general.  Madchild was a guest on the Kevin Gill Show episode 36, where he talked about losing it all to drugs, and much much more.

Silver Tongue Devil, Madchild’s upcoming solo project is due out July 24th on the newly reformed Battle Axe Records.  The cover art was done by famed street artist L’Amour Supreme.  The track list can be seen below.

 Silver Tongue Devil Chronicles


1. Untold Story (Prod. C-Lance)

2. Night Time Kill (Prod. C-Lance)

3. Devils And Angels (Prod. Evidence)

4. Lose My Mind f. JD Era (Prod. C-Lance)

5. SLUT (Prod. C-Lance)

6. Everytime f. CeeKay Jones (Prod. The Makerz)

7. Mental f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)

8. Painful Skies (Prod. C-Lance)

9. Jackel (Prod. Aspect)

10. Triple Threat f. Slaine & Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)

11. Electricity (Prod. Aspect)

12. 50 Seven (Prod. Rob The Viking)

13. Don’t Stop f. Slaine (Prod. Rob The Viking)

14. Slayer f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)

15. Zero (Prod. Aspect)