Madchild Talks About The Track Electricity


Madchild has released another short video leading up to his solo release of Silver Tongue Devil.  The album due out via the newly reformed Battle Axe Records will be coming out July 24.  In this video Madchild discusses the track Electricity which is on the upcoming album.

Lifes too short to be pissed off all the time




1. Untold Story (Prod. C-Lance)
2. Night Time Kill (Prod. C-Lance)
3. Devils And Angels (Prod. Evidence)
4. Lose My Mind f. JD Era (Prod. C-Lance)
5. SLUT (Prod. C-Lance)
6. Everytime f. CeeKay Jones (Prod. The Makerz)
7. Mental f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
8. Painful Skies (Prod. C-Lance)
9. Jackel (Prod. Aspect)
10. Triple Threat f. Slaine & Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
11. Electricity (Prod. Aspect)
12. 50 Seven (Prod. Rob The Viking)
13. Don’t Stop f. Slaine (Prod. Rob The Viking)
14. Slayer f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
15. Zero (Prod. Aspect)




Silver Tongue Devil features the artwork of famed street artist L’Amour Supreme.



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