Madchild talks move to L.A.Madchild

In this edition of #AskMadchild, Canadian rapper and member of Swollen Members, Madchild is asked “Why did you move to L.A.”?

Madchild released his latest solo album, Silver Tongue Devil on July 24th.  The album debuted at #3 on the Canadian charts.  Peep the album below!  You can order a physical copy HERE or the digital copy on iTunes!

1. Untold Story (Prod. C-Lance)
2. Night Time Kill (Prod. C-Lance)
3. Devils And Angels (Prod. Evidence)
4. Lose My Mind f. JD Era (Prod. C-Lance)
5. SLUT (Prod. C-Lance)
6. Everytime f. CeeKay Jones (Prod. The Makerz)
7. Mental f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
8. Painful Skies (Prod. C-Lance)
9. Jackel (Prod. Aspect)
10. Triple Threat f. Slaine & Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
11. Electricity (Prod. Aspect)
12. 50 Seven (Prod. Rob The Viking)
13. Don’t Stop f. Slaine (Prod. Rob The Viking)
14. Slayer f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
15. Zero (Prod. Aspect)



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