Madchild Talks Triple Threat feat. Slaine and Demrick (from Silver Tongue Devil)

Triple Threat

To promote his upcoming Silver Tongue Devil album, Madchild took a few minutes to talk his Triple Threat collab with Slaine and Demrick.

Madchild talks about the track “Triple Threat” feat. Slaine and Demrick off his new album “Silver Tongue Devil”. Pre-order the album in the BattleAxe store and on iTunes.

The cover art for “Silver Tongue Devil” was painted by the legendary street artist L’Amour Supreme and the record is available for pre-order online with a limited edition t-shirt from Mishka NYC.

The track listing for Silver Tongue Devil is as follows:
1. Untold Story (Prod. C-Lance)
2. Night Time Kill (Prod. C-Lance)
3. Devils And Angels (Prod. Evidence)
4. Lose My Mind f. JD Era (Prod. C-Lance)
5. SLUT (Prod. C-Lance)
6. Everytime f. CeeKay Jones (Prod. The Makerz)
7. Mental f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
8. Painful Skies (Prod. C-Lance)
9. Jackel (Prod. Aspect)
10. Triple Threat f. Slaine & Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
11. Electricity (Prod. Aspect)
12. 50 Seven (Prod. Rob The Viking)
13. Don’t Stop f. Slaine (Prod. Rob The Viking)
14. Slayer f. Demrick (Prod. C-Lance)
15. Zero (Prod. Aspect)