Madchild Thank fans for Pre-Ordering Silver Tongue Devil


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In this video he starts off saying that the album will be released today, he also says that the album has doubled in presales since Dope Sick and Lawn Mower Man. He says that this is the highest sales that he has ever done. He thanks all the fans for pre-ordering his album Silver Tongue Devil. Madchild also said that because of the presales and double sales that he has made is because underground music is still going hard, and that he will NOT be going anywhere for a LONG time. He is trying to make it go number one in the Canada as well as all across the world. Madchild give many thanks to everyone and lets people know that they can still go online and order on iTunes and on his website to snag a copy. There are also a few T-Shirts left if you all wanted to pick you up one as well. Check out the video down below and find out all that he says about his fans. If you have already snagged your very own copy of Silver Tongue Devil, let us know what you think of the album in the comments below.



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