Mainstream Media Looks Through The Eyes Of The Juggalos


The Juggalo March on Washington DC is now over but the euphoric emotions that have followed the events are still lingering. This is just one step in the fight to get the gang label effects completely retracted. Even with Juggalos not being on the current list, the repercussions¬†are still felt for many. If you were at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos, you saw it first hand. To hear the story on that, check out the ICP seminar from this year below.

Now there was an abundance of media outlets present at the Juggalo March, and expect to see all sorts of coverage coming at you over the next few weeks. We have picked apart a few of our favorites for you to check out for now.

This particular media outlet also wrote quite an amazing article leading up to the Juggalo March. It’s because of outlets like this, that will help further our cause. So be sure to click the link to share the love. You can view it HERE.

Here is a copy of the speech that ICP gave at the National Mall in Washington DC


Here are a few more videos of some media coverage of the Juggalo March