Against my better judgement music video

Mayday Against My Better Judgement Music Video Premiere

Strange Music premiered Mayday Against My Better Judgement music video from their latest album Future Vintage on yahoo music. It’s a weird choice to premiere Mayday’s visual, but I’m sure it will be on YouTube before too long. The visuals for this heart wrenching song are amazingly on point down to the littlest detail. The video may bring up some sad emotions but will give you hope in the end.

The video starts out with a black screen saying HOPE. That is the message of the video. We see the debilitating effects of drug use, what the song is all about. We walk with a women who is running back to the drug that ruined her life. You see her pushing a stroller and they show a crib. This is the lost. But in the end she gets what she really wanted all a long. Some get caught in the grips of addiction and never escape but those willing to look for help can survive and thrive. The visuals give hope while the song lends a voice to an addicts disease.

Even if you’re not addicted to heroin or anything else, the video still hits you hard. Everyone knows someone that they lost to addiction. It’s never easy seeing someone you love succumb to addiction. They turn into a shell of their former self never to function the same again. Unless they pull themselves out of the depths of addiction. It isn’t easy to deal with. The director of this video, Jason Cantu, lost a friend to drugs just a week before shooting. That may just be why this video speaks volumes about drug addiction. It really doesn’t matter the drug either. The feelings are all the same.

Mayday Against My Better Judgement Music Video


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