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¡MAYDAY! Know It Music Video Drops a Bomb on your Heart

Strange Music uploaded the new Mayday Know It music video today. The video’s symbolism aligning with the true meaning behind the highly identifiable song breaks your hear open. Know It features Tech N9ne and Stige with Tech giving a dramatic, yet subtle appearance in the video. It’s the third music video featuring songs off their latest album, Future Vintage. The first video All the Time declared that’s it’s not a love song and Fuel to the Fire  declared they can’t be burned down. Now, they are they are setting themselves free in a plea to their love.

Relationships can seem like legal proceedings at times and half the time end in one. The world traps us, it seems, into a life too busy to include what we often state is most important in life. The Know It music video captures the songs essence in a powerful visual. The hook phrase, “I hope that ya know, know, know it,” uttered in a low whisper is an echo of a love never expressed, but which heavily pulls on the heart. The prisoners are ones held in a cell of their own work and the beautiful lawyer is negotiating his release from prison. Tech’s verse has the climax of emotion panning from him laying out his lyrics in prison dress to the women lawyer arguing with what I assume is a Prosecutor. The visits are short in prison and one must have hope and faith that some day you will be together again. Life imprisons us in the same way in so many ways. This video grabs that emotion and really pulls you into what the song is really about. Even though it doesn’t show on the outside we all love someone on the inside. If the other person knows it, they will let you out of your prison and into their heart.

The baby laughs at the end while the camera swoops into Tech’s cell has got me thinking this love story ends happily in the end. This whole videos seems as though it is a negotiation between a couple. The the women and the prosecutor a metaphor for the women arguing in her logical and emotional mind whether accepting to bring this fool out of his prison and into her life will be the best choice. Or maybe the women is arguing against the evidence for his love and what she really thinks he feels. Either way, she becomes victorious in the fight and it looks as though she is setting him free. Then it ends with that baby laugh. Well, you know what lead to the baby, right? Yeah, that makes it seem like there’s happy ending to this melancholy love song.

¡MAYDAY! Know It


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