“Future Vintage”


Latin Post‘s, Julia Harris, wrote an article about ¡Mayday!‘s newest album in “¡Mayday! ‘Future Vintage’ Album Release Date, Cover Art and Tracklist: Featured Artists Include Femi Kuti, Tech N9ne and Ces Cru [WATCH].”  “Future Vintage” is ¡Mayday!‘s sixth album, the other six being; ¡Mayday!, Stuck on an Island, Take Me to Your mayday2 Leader, Believers, and ¡Mursday!.

¡Mayday! is a hip-hop group made up of six guys from Miami, Florida.  They’re known for their hit, “Quicksand,” and music video, “Groundhog Day,” which featured Cee-Lo Green.

“‘Future Vintage’ is going to be a historic album. It’s going to be something for the books,” said Bernz, one of the group’s two MCs.

Featured on the album is Femi Kuti; a Nigerian musican, Ces Cru; a hip-hop duo, and rapper Tech N9ne; the co-founder of Strange Music.  1313968291_StrangeMusicLogoStrange Music is a record label ¡Mayday! is leased to.

There are 19 songs on the album:

Jettison, Fuel to the Fire, Won’t Wait, Coast, Dive (feat. Stevie Stone), Something in the Air (feat. Femi Kuti), Space Cadet, Into the Night, Stay Away From You (feat. Ryan “Myagi” Evans), All the Time, Ten Thirty Three, Antenna, One Wing (feat. Ces Cru), Know It (feat. Tech N9ne & Stige), Brother, Against My Better Judgement, The Sun Will Rise (Skit), and The Last Sunrise.


¡Mayday! plans to release “Future Vintage” on September 18th.


You can order the album on iTunes or check out Strange Music‘s website for the pre-order.


Future Vintage” is slated for release Sept. 18, 2015.