Mcdonalds Employee Fired For Placing Mixtapes In Happy Meals


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McDonalds Employee Fired for placing mixtapes in happy meals. Although it isn’t a true story, the website that put out this story is pretty hilarious. is a notorious satire website, but who doesn’t like a funny story?  In Chicago a teenage named Tyshaun Granger was reportedly fired from his job at McDonald’s for placing his “mixtape” in children’s happy meals. So instead of getting a happy meal toy, my kids will get some crappy mixtape? On the cover of his mixtapes was his title project; “Tales Of a Real Nigga” was printed on the discs with a sharpie marker.
One parent stated; “I bought my son a happy meal and inside came a mysterious CD” said Sarah Pratt, “I, like any other parent, would assume the CD was for children. I played the CD in my car for my son while we drove home and Lord Jesus have mercy on Tyshaun, the mixtape was dreadful. Not only was it completely inappropriate, but it was also the weakest set of bars I’ve ever heard!”finished Platt.
He has been placing CD’s in children’s happy meals for about 2 weeks now, and can be up to 300 meals. Tyshaun defended his actions by saying that his mixtape was “so hot”, it would keep the happy meal warm for hours. Oddly, no parent before Platt has confronted Tyshaun or even bothered to speak to the McDonald’s store manager about the mixtapes. Ever since Platt has confronted Tyshaun and a McDonald’s manager on the mixtapes being replaced for a happy meal toy, Tyshaun has been fired.
Again, please keep in mind that this story is false and it did not happen.



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