Meet Rachel Paul, Founder Of Lettes Respect

Lettes Respect

Photo: Mitchell Sunderland

Many of you may have heard the phrase Lettes Respect in the past couple of years.  Where does it come from?  Who started it?  How did it start? has answered those questions as they tracked down Rachel Paul, founder of Lettes Respect at this years Gathering Of The Juggalos.  Over a few drinks of Faygo, they talked the beginnings of a Juggalo feminist movement called Lettes Respect.


Paul clearly loves the Juggalos, but in 2013, she realized her family needed to grow up in some departments. The Gathering’s annual Ms. Juggalette pageant devolved from a celebration of women’s talents to an event focused on their bodies. Porn legend Ron Jeremy had started hosting the pageant, and according to Paul and several other Juggalos I spoke to this weekend, he dismissed contestants who refused to perform sexual acts on stage, like putting Faygo bottles in their vaginas.

They aren’t trying to completely overhaul the Juggalo subculture.  More so, they are trying to find a middle ground.  If the 2013 Ms. Juggalette pageant was gonna be the way things were gonna be, things needed to change.  Something I agree with as well.


Some Juggalos have complained about the changes online, painting Paul and the other Lette’s Respect members as anti-sex, but Paul dismisses these perceptions. She simply wants women to receive positive attention for their talents as well as their sexuality.

“The whole part of this is to bring it back to the middle,” Paul said. “I’m about freedom of expression… I would never defy a super-freak.”

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