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Mike Busey, Big LA, and Crew Show Mad Juggalo Christmas Love


The article is very touching. In it you get a personal story behind Big LA’s and Mike Busey’s childhood Christmases and the inspiration to help those they can this and every Christmas. The heartwarming story is not all serious there is some humor in the mix too. With characters that were an outrageous and sexy feature at last year’s Gathering it’s no wonder this is not your ordinary charity event. The article definitely is another love letter showing the most misunderstood people can do great good in this world.

It’s a lengthy article but worth the read. The way they brightened this young boy’s world up is amazing. As Juggalos we mostly come from families lacking in some way. The article shows how these outrageous Juggalos can do more good than most. Juggalos should be inspired to express their Christmas spirit any way they can. This article also shows how we already do this. Anyone can identify with this story of not just providing a little disabled boy a merry Christmas but being a scrub trying to make the world better than what you experienced. A story of the true Christmas Spirit.

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