NaptownMike Brought Juggalo Day Weekend To Juggalos Worldwide

Juggalo Day Weekend


Juggalo Day Weekend was brought to the computers of Juggalos worldwide who couldn’t be in attendance. Beginning with Esham’s set True Juggalo Family brought the freshness to those who couldn’t make it via Facebook live streaming. It was an interesting experience bringing this to the fam.  I had never used the FB streaming option before, and was learning on the fly!  Thank you all for your patience as I promise I wasn’t trying to stream my ugly ass mug to y’all.

This was a first in the juggalo world. Juggalos world wide joined in the thousands to enjoy the wicked shit from home. Esham proved to them all that he still has it and the wicked shit will never die.

Following Esham’s performance, Twiztid surprised the crowd(and the ninjas at home) with a surprise set going on before ICP’s Ringmaster set. Once again, TJF hooked up those at home with a live stream of a majority of their set.

Over 3000 people joined the live stream within the first 30 seconds of going live! It was a magical evening at Harpos and it was our honor to share it with the ninjas who couldn’t make it to Detroit for this amazing weekend.

However, the live streaming did NOT stop there. TJF continued bringing the freshness to the masses with a brief live stream of ICP’s Ringmaster show. The stream was cut short due to low battery power, however for the first time ever ICP was stream live and free via facebook. All of this was brought to the ninjas for the first time ever and exclusively through your homies at True Juggalo Family. TJF was the only ones bringing the flavor to those who couldn’t make it.


All in all I wish I could have streamed more for the fam, but I was running on limited battery power.  However, I brought y’all as much as I could and had my camera gear stolen in the process! $600 worth of camera equipment was stolen.  There was so much irony involved in this situation.  Some stale fuck decided to steal what I need for my livelihood (I need that gear for my school work and job), while I was doing something fresh as fuck for the fam.  I got the bone that night, while doing something fresh for y’all but it did not completely ruin my Juggalo Day Weekend.

Wait until you see all the freshness that was the Water For Flint.  After a car break down (yeah, I left that out of my recap), and my shit getting stolen I was down and out.  I was ready to say fuck it all and quit.  The next morning I after getting my car fixed I drove to the hotel ready to give Menace my resignation.  What I saw next was the most inspiring thing I’ve witnessed in a long time. We aren’t ready to drop this freshness ya’ll at this moment.  However, when it does drop have your tissue ready.

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