Top 5 Monoxide Moments – Happy Birthday, Mono!


Today is an important day within the juggalo world for one reason: it’s Monoxide‘s birthday! Yes, today is one half of the Demented Duo’s day of birth. Now he is known by more than just one name. He has been called Monoxide Child, Chainsmoker, Lil Poot, Dusty Poot, Monoxboogie, Hektic, and Foe Foe. With all these names throughout the years, we’ve also seen the many faces of Monoxide. Whether it be no face paint, black paint around the eyes, full on Freek Show-era paint, Abominzationz paint, and so on, one thing has remained the same: Mono is one hell of a talented artist. More than that, though, he’s an awesome human being. We’ve seen interviews where he gets in-depth on real life situations, and we’ve also seen his more humorous side. So with that in mind, we thought we would celebrate his birthday with a list. More specifically, a list of top five Monoxide moments! Enjoy.

#5 – 5 Minute Fury – Fat Kidz

#4 – Twiztid Press Conference Departure

#3 – Blunt Rolling 101

#2 – Lil Poot Moments

#1 – Freestyle 101

There you have it! Those are just five of the best moments out there, but let’s be honest, there are a ton more. In the future, we know that the good times will just keep rolling. Cheers, Monoxide, and happy happy birthday what!

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