Morning Freshness

Morning FreshnessMorning Freshness

Good morning family!  It’s Monday morning.  Most people don’t like em, I don’t mind em I guess.  It’s just another day in the week that isn’t Saturday.  Morning Freshness is gonna be a bit different this week.  Didn’t really listen to any music that I chose, I just let Ozzy’s Boneyard do it’s thing on the XM radio on the way to campus this morning.  I like a wide range of music, and was kinda just feeling the “classic rock and heavy metal” mood as Ozzy’s Boneyard puts it.  I hate that label “classic rock and heavy metal”.  I hear songs on there like the one for today’s Morning Freshness, and can’t stand the thought of it being labeled as that.  I’m not getting old damnit haha.  Here is some Type O Negative for your Monday Morning Freshness.




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