Wake your ass up, put your feet on the damn floor and grab your favorite fuckin’ mug of gasoline -now- down that shit, Ninjas!

It’s that tilted bitch Wilted bringing ya that freaky shit so funky and fucking great, ¬†you can’t help but bump it like your headboard. You gotta set the mode for the day and no matter what you got goin on I got a tune to drop in your e-feed, hand chosen and completely for you! Yesterday I was talking witchya about your shine. To me that makes this an easy choice for a fuckin fantastic jam to start the day – Shiny Diamonds -Violent J (Haha, I tricked ya, huh?)

((Now while you’re taking a moment to savor the flavor – lets throw back to Wizard of the Hood for a moment in fondest memory. Dropped in the heat of 2003, an album fully born into legendary status – do you remember that shit, Juggalos? With a crazy mix of instrumental and vocal tones, it had that beat you could’n’t fuckin’ beat! Man, that will make for one helluva show, that’s for sure (starry eyed over here). A personal favorite of mine (and most likely to be a recurring friend in times to come), this album is jam packed with the good shit, that fuckin high-grade, heart felt family love that seeps through your stereo when you turn it on.))

Any ways, homies – I just want ya to keep in mind today as you’re marching through whatever terrible shit you are right now, that ‘some of them days be shiny diamonds’. Don’t deny that shit, cause eventually, everyone has their shiny diamonds. Your homies are there to help you take the rain when it comes but count on it, and to play a part in the better days on the horizon. So whatever it is, just clown walk through that shit and head to the other side, cause there are so many more shiny diamonds to be had.