Morning Freshness

Morning FreshnessHooooowwwl!!!!

It’s Morning Freshness time but it’s manic Monday and felt the urge to howl at the ever growing moon. So what better way to start this Moonday than with a mad moon melody. Delight in the fact that even though it is Monday it will soon be monnight. Yeah! I made up a word, what’s it to ya? That’s what I thought. Freedom of expression, bitch. Speaking of which, check out all the dope Juggalo artwork in the video. I just love seeing the Family’s art. It’s always beautiful in my eyes.

Now, what do you know? Among the artwork there is a lovely tarot card. Being the witch I am I have, of course, drew tarot cards to help pick the song for these past few days. Shit, I’ll draw a card for anything. I don’t give a fuck, what? Anyway, today I serendipitously drew the Moon card you see in this video. Now, you see why you are listening to songs about the moon on the day it’s named after. You see what happens when you leave a witch in charge of your earholes? I hope pure maddening delight as you jam out some ICP. Whoop Whoop!




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