Morning Freshness

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!


I hope everyone has a banquet and family to feast with today. But if you don’t remember you got the Juggalo Family!

This Morning Freshness comes with a dose of education. Did you know Jingle Bells was original written as a Thanksgiving song? Yep, it seems to fit in with the other holiday tunes quite well, but that wasn’t it’s original intention. Back when that little diddy was first conceived everyone was riding a horse driven sleigh. It was also a chance to get away with a sweet honey for a while. That my homies is why I picked this song for the Morning Freshness. But we can’t just listen to the old dusty version. We got to step it up a notch. Bam! Three crazy versions of the old classic for your doom.

First up is my personal favorite. They turned Frank Sinatra into trap music! How dope is that!

This next one I just freaking dig. I hop you do too. You got to love the Germans and there hard hitting style of music.

Last, but not least, I’ve got a dope HipHop version. It’s like Thanksgiving in the Hood!

All the family get-to-gathers get me to reminiscing.  I just love to look back on fond memories. It is almost like watching them on Youtube. What fond Thanksgiving memories do you have? Or is this holiday a reminder of who your real family really is? Either way it is a reminder to be thankful for what we got, no matter what it is.

Whoop Whoop! Family, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!