Morning Freshness

Bullshit is Flowing Down, but I’m OK


There is always speculationz being tossed around the family dinner table. I know I have been the target of many of them. But that’s OK, because we’re Juggalos Muther Facko! Let the bullshit just roll on down hill. You’re the cream of the crop raise to the top.

Today’s Morning Freshness brings the melody that will help you slide the crap off from the extended family exposure. I know I get questions and criticisms about my tattoos and fringe beliefs and we can’t forget being a Juggalo. But, I stand proud. There is always going to be haters. But just remember what Violent J said, “Without all the hate on the outside, it wouldn’t be as warm as it is on the inside with the Juggalo Fam.” You know Twiztid has your back. They are part of the family after all. The freshness you know and love can be found right here in the Green Book…


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