Morning Freshness

Burn that Dub Sack up!

It’s Saturday morning and time for some freshness like a fresh-ass Dub Sack. There ain’t nothing better to me than blazing up that wake ‘n bake on a Saturday morning. After all, everything is better with a bag of weed! This morning I’m all about that weed. Maybe it’s my inner stoner wanting to comfort the worn out person who just dealt with the extended family like a boss. Time to find our grove after hiding behind that family ego. Time to freaking blaze! Maybe even Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

blaze compare casket factoryAlright, Juggalos, tell me what your think. My personal opinion of Blaze’s new paint versus his old is that the new paint seems much more wicked than the old split wig design. Sure his paint has changed up before, but it seems to have taken a whole new artist level. The detail has got me like, “Damn, I thought Blaze’s paint was cool before but now it seems stale as fuck compared to the intricate zombie undertaker look he has for Casket Factory.” But, that is just my opinion. You might think less is more and miss the old Blaze. Ninja has to change shit up every once in while no matter how dope it is because the same old shit gets stale no matter how fresh it was the first time.

The real question is how is Casket Factory going to sound. I mean face paint is cool and all, but we are talking about music here. We have a little taste of his up and coming album with Ghost, a single he uploaded to his YouTube channel just a few days ago. It’s real surprising that Blaze collaborated with Kung Fu Vampire on this song. Though, it’s not disappointing. Tell me what you think Juggalos.

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