Morning Freshness


Come out to plaaay

It’s Manic Monday Morning Freshness here to get you pumped to start that work week out, again! I know it’s the mumbling grumbling Monday morning. But it’s your chance to start your grind. Take it from those who kept grinding that it’s all worth it in the end.

Kept Grinding

I remember when this song first came out. It was released under a short lived secondary label called Hatchet House.  The sub-label kind of just got swept under the rug. It was like a staging ground to get signed to Psychopathic Records. AMB was on the label along with The Dayton Family. I think the record label is still technically running just not doing a damn thing. Or maybe it’s death was something not to mention and just move on from. Why does ICP need two labels for anyway? Besides all that, I mention this little tidbit of history due tot the fact DJ Clay is wearing a Hatchet House hoodie in the video. That’s because this song was on  Let ‘Em Bleed which DJ Clay produced and released through Hatchet House. So, if you were wondering what DJ was wearing that that’s it.

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