Morning Freshness

Oh Shit! It’s Sunday Morning!

I hope the Morning Freshness hasn’t found you in a pool of your own regret. Fuck it’s time to take a look around and ask yourself, “What the fuck did I do?” But, I’m sure not everyone has partied all weekend. Even if you don’t “party” you still let loose on the weekends. Sunday is a timeĀ  you stop saying fuck it, “it’s the weekend,” and start looking towards taking care of business. We’re making this a silly Sunday morning with Jelly Roll and his Sunday Morning music video. All the fucked up waking up situations are hilarious. Have you ever woke up and a crazy ass place wonder how the fuck you even got there? I usually end up in my bed. I just can’t remember how I got there. Enjoy the funny video. Also, check out Twiztid shirt on Jelly Roll!

Sunday Morning


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