morning freshness

Strange Saturday Morning Freshness

Good Morning, Juggggggggalooooos! It’s time for some wake you up jam this lovely Saturday morning. What better way to start the day than with some Strange Music. In honor of her hinting at a new album in the works I;m giving you some Mackenzie Nicole, “Actin Like You Know.” The is my jam now! I woke up with that shit in my head this moring. Now, you going to get it straight to the dome. This track comes from Strangulation Vol. II and features Tech N9ne if ya didn’t know. This song has turned strangers into Mackenzie fans. But why not? It a banging jam I just love to dead. It really has helped with dealing with some soggy relationships. Hold it together, ninjas, this is the jam bump on this Strange Saturday.

Actin Like You Know

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