heartbroken and homicidal apple

Twiztid Tuesday Morning Freshness

It’s Twiztid Tuesday up in this piece. This Morning Freshness features an eye-opening song from the Heartbroken & Homicidal album. I lot of ninjas didn’t like this album saying it was too mainstream sounding and emo like. Well, if it was an emo album it would have been called Heartbroken and Suicidal. Not to mention there is already a bunch of songs about relationships in the Juggalo world. It is a big part of life. And Twiztid is the shit! I am down with all their albums.

“Apple” is more about the relationship we have with the world. I believe they are referencing the apple of Adam and Eve which opened their eyes to good and evil. The song is pretty much pointing out all the fuckery of the world. It’s really a dope song and a dope album. I haven’t listened to it for a while and it’s about time to put it back in rotation. BTW, I don’t think they made a single music video for this album. If I am wrong correct me in the comments. Have a wicked day, Family!

Apple ~ Twiztid

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