firworks bang pow boom

Independence Day Morning Freshness

It’s the 4th of July, Family. The Morning Freshness is going to bring the thunda with “Bang Pow Boom” in honor of all that bang pow booming going on tonight. I am going to a friend’s barbeque after work and lighting off some fireworks myself. I hope all my Juggalo Family have a banging good time tonight too!

I just love the album and the song “Bang Pow Boom”! When I went to the Bang Pow Boom show it was the most awesome Faygo shower experience during the Faygo Armageddon at the end of the show while they performed “Bang Pow Boom”. The Faygo raining down and the music blaring was like some kind of religious experience. It was quite awesome and I think what officially made me a Juggalo. Whoop Whoop! Have a banging day, Fam.

Bang Pow Boom ~ ICP

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