Morning Freshness

Happy New Year, Ninjas! Time to Blaze Up!


I’m bringing you the Morning Freshness wishing you much clown love for the year ahead and always.

Ninjas everywhere are waking up with one hell of a hangover. Being your witchy friend I wanted to lay some hangover tips on yo ass. Alcohol dehydrates the body and drinking water will help you re-hydrate making you feel much better. Eating a banana for breakfast can help also due to the loss of potassium. You can also add lemon juice to black coffee. Almonds are good for headaches. And, of course, cannabis is a great medicine from mother nature.

Blaze Up

So, why not bring in the new year with Blaze? He has an album coming out this month with a free record release party. The Casket Factory features Kung Fu Vampire, and new Majik Ninja Entertainment artist, Lex the Hex. Not to mention it’s said to be Blaze’s best work.

casket factory release party venue change

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