morning freshness

It’s Twiztid Tuesday up in the Morning Freshness. The Boogieman is waiting for ya. Everyone comes out to see him. But wait! It’s a trap! Life itself seems like a trap sometimes. But, it doesn’t seem so bad when you got some Twiztid to dance too. That’s one reason Twiztid is the shit!

This is one of my favorite Twiztid music videos. The new horror mini horror movie style music videos are extra fresh. Twiztid has always brought the freshest wicked shit. Now that they have branched out on their own they seem to have become even more dark and wicked. Their paint for one has been transforming into wickedly cool creations much more intricate than the mime paint. You got to switch up your style every once in a while or you get stale anyway.

Though some Juggalos don’t care for Twiztid now they are not on Psychopathic, it shouldn’t break up family. Everyone knows they still have Family Love. So, unpinch your panties and listen to some Twiztid.



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