tech n9ne burn it down

Motivational Monday Morning Freshness

It’s Monday Morning Freshness and time to get motivated ya’ll! I woke up with “Burn It Down” in my head and thought yeah that is motivational af. I just love this Tech N9ne song (and really the whole Special Effects album). It’s about burning down all that negative shit and starting anew. Tech says so himself on a 247HH exclusive.

This track is something I love to listen to when life gets me down. It movtivates me to let it all go and move on with my life. It’s helped me through some tough emotional times. Well, I know Mondays can be rough. I know it’s my busiest day at work. Shit, and today my best friend ain’t working so it’s going to be hell. Ugg! But that’s ok. I’m just going to do my best and be me. Shit will get done and over with before I know it. I hope this track motivates all my Juggalo homies to do the same and just sail through this day. Much love, Fam. Keep it wicked!

Burn It Down ~ Tech N9ne feat. Ryan Bradley

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