Morning Freshness

Burning Up!

It’s Fiery Friday Morning Freshness, beeeeches! Some days I just miss the gathering, ya know what I, Family? One of the most memorable ICP sets from the Gathering was two years ago. They were playing Burning Up from Hell’s Pit, a song they seem to preform almost ever year, but they had this guy on fire walking around on stage for almost the whole song. The stage lights were turned off to emphasize the flames form this burning man. Fuck, BurningĀ  Man ain’t got nothing on us! We burn actual men, what?! I think that was the year they shook the ground with the fireworks or maybe that was the year before. Either way it made Ka Boom just that much more real. Shake the ground, Mutherfackle! I could go all day talking about ICP and the Gathering, but I think I’ll lay a fresh concert video on your ass in hopes that it brings back all those fond Gathering memories, if you weren’t too fucked up to remember that is. If you would rather just start your day with the song “Burning Up” I got you covered also. Just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. What do we do? We scroll, scroll, scroll.

Burning Up Live GOTJ with Fire Spitin’ Lette


Burning Up


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