closer nine inch nails

Freaky Friday Morning Freshness

I don’t know how many Nine Inch Nails fans we have in the Juggalo Community, but I know I was one before I became a Juggalo. I’m willing to guess there is a few more. This Freaky Friday Morning Freshness I present a song I use to jam way back in the day, “Closer”. It was probably not appropriate for my age, but I liked it and my parents didn’t really care either. They also let me watch Bevis and Butthead. So, ya know I wasn’t sheltered in any way. At any rate, this song will get you in gear for the incoming weekend. It’s been super stressful for me for the past couple days since I have 3 days to move. I could use some time away from myself. Have a fun freaky Friday, Fam!

Closer ~ Nine Inch Nails

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