Morning Freshness

I Want to Go…

The Morning Freshness is where you get your dose of that sweet Cocaine in music form of course. I remember peeping this freshness when it was premiered on the first JCW IPPV. That was a memorable evening for me. My Husband and I had picked up an old man outside of Walmart who needed a warm meal and a place to chill until he could get back on the road to home. He was a cool old guy and really enjoyed the dinner we served. We invited him to watch the JCW IPPV we had purchased and was preparing to view. It was a special event full of anticipation and excitement for it to begin. He was not a Juggalo or had ever heard of ICP and he sure as fuck had definitely never heard of JCW. But, like I mentioned before he was a cool guy and didn’t mind checking this JCW stuff out being an occasional wrestling viewer who seemed interested in seeing a spectacle described as the most entertaining wrestling show you can witness. The traveler absolutely enjoyed JCW that night. It was a awesome show with stunts no other wrestling platform dares to try. JCW does keep their shows live and hype turning ordinary people into screaming wrestling fans.

Between one of the matches Psychopathic aired The Dayton Family’s, at the time new, music video, Cocaine. The iconic Cheers theme music and outlandish display of a cocaine party to the extreme was pure magical entertainment. It may have been the excitement of the moment that got me hyped for this video the first time I saw it, but this work of parody art still pumps me up like I just did a bump. So enjoy a morning dose of…


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