one eyed doll committed

Freaky Friday Morning Freshness

It’s the Freaky Friday Moring Freshness bringing you a freaky bitch and her band, One Eyed Doll. I had never heard of this band before the Gathering Infomercial. I have to say the couple videos I have watched are growing on me, though. At first sight, I thought this bitch was just crazy. Though I think that they will probably fit right in at the Gathering. I don’t know where they found these people but this is some crazy shit. Speaking of crazy here is “Committed”. It one that I like about being committed. She’s not crazy just misunderstood like us Juggalos. Have a wonderfully freaky day, Fam!

Committed ~ One Eyed Doll

Watch more of One Eyed Doll on Youtube and let me know in the comments if you are hyped to see this act at the Gathering.

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