Morning Freshness

Gimme That Crown, Boy!

It’s fun Friday Morning Freshness bringing you that wake up call to get your shit. There has been a lot of drama going on over at Funk Volume and it has ended in the label’s demise, as far as we know. But Hopsin isn’t going to stop making music. That’s for sure. He has promised new music soon. Although, he just came out with an album a mere 6 months ago. Hopsin doesn’t seem too lazy in the least when it comes to music production. We all know Hop is stuck in this shit never to stop just like all the other successful underground artist of our age. Hell, their success has started other things like this website you’re on right now. We are here because of the underground music scene. It’s really not new, but bigger now a days. Maybe some day this will lead to a free creative market where music is bought for it’s artistic value rather social value.

“Crown Me” was the first single from his latest release The Pound Syndrome. The video seems as though it may be not be suitable for those with seizures, but it’s dope none the less. The high energy track gets you moving like the camera which makes it a great song to start your day motivated. Plus is has a really Juggalo mentality. We are all about collecting up our confidence and striving for what we want and believe. Whoop Whoop! That’s why Juggalos are the shit. Shit, ninja, you can just…

Crown Me


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