Rittz next to nothing, crown royal

Image Courtesy from wcfcourier

Fun Friday Morning Freshness

Hell yeah, Ninjas, it’s a Friday and time to have fun. The Morning Freshness is presented by Rittz and he’s sipping on the Crown Royal. I tell ya. I love me some Crown Royal. I really like Canadian whiskey over American. The Canadian version is just smoother. But Crown Royal is the smoothest. It’s the only whiskey I can drink straight from the bottle warm and still taste good. It’s like fucking liquid gold.

Tonight I am partying it up with a good friend of mine. So, it an especially fun Friday for me. I just can’t wait til I get off of work. Too bad it won’t be until 8 tonight! Oh well, my ass is still going to party it up. I hope all the fam has a wonderfully fun Friday leading to a great weekend. Much Love, Fam! I’ll be taking a sip for all those who can’t party tonight.

Crown Royal ~ Rittz

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