Morning Freshness

Gooood morning, Vietnam! Uh, I mean juggalos… Anyway! Welcome back to another Morning Freshness. It is finally…are you ready for this?…FRIDAY!!! You read it right, today is Friday and the long week is finally at its’ end! Since today is what it is, that means it is also Freaky Friday here at True Juggalo Family! For your dose of freaky, we have a music video from theatrical metal band, Slipknot. They have been around for nearly twenty years, which is quite a feat in the music industry. What if everyone who enters the industry lasted as long or longer? Well, they’d all be legends, I suppose. In my honest opinion, it’s best to have legendary musicians every once in a while, rather than every couple years or so.

Moving on, the video chosen for your viewing pleasure was decided on simply for its’ freaky nature. Watching it is almost like a big trip of some sort, but the song itself is deep and insightful. Kind of a strange combination, but could we expect any less from the veteran headbangers? Of course not! Without further ado, here is “Dead Memories” off of All Hope Is Gone.

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